Pure energy in our operations

At present, global reality shows us that a growing population has an ever-increasing need for more resources. We need to re-think how to supply those resources in a context in which climate change makes them scarce. In Statkraft we are aware of this, and we strive towards having a major role in the transition from a fossil fuel-based energy to a low-carbon and renewable resources-based energy, such as hydropower.

Statkraft Peru generates the energy that the country needs: renewable, clean, sustainable and efficient energy.  It also relies on the support and global expertise of more than 100 years of the Statkraft Group for the implementation of cutting-edge hydropower technology in its operations.  A clear example of this is the automation and remote control of 5 of the 9 hydropower plants in the country.

Statkraft Peru conducts the generation and transmission business in compliance with high standards of the head office in Norway, giving priority to labor rights, the active commitment against climate change and business ethics, fostering anticorruption practices. The company also adheres to IFC policies regarding health, safety, environment and social responsibility issues.