Safer and more efficient supervision with drones

Technology helps us work in a safer way. As proof of this, the Operations Management of Statkraft Peru has developed an innovative and efficient way to optimize the reliability and availability of the power supply with the supervision of activities with the use of drones, which record and take pictures of transmission towers and substations to check the condition of the structure, verify the condition of the access road to these structures, and supervise the maintenance works performed at height. This activity has started to be implemented in the transmission line in Cahua, which connects our Cahua hydropower plant to the Paramonga Existente substation.

“Statkraft Peru is in charge of the development of the power transmission business in the national interconnected system (SEIN).  These assets are composed of more than 900 km of transmission lines and 41 power stations, which need to have high reliability and availability indexes.  As a result, our “Profit-Based Maintenance” model requires adequate determination of the components’ condition,” explains Martín Sarmiento, Head of Transmission Maintenance in Statkraft Peru.

Using drones to supervise these activities brings about significant benefits for the company, such as the prevention of the risk of electrocution or falls from heights. Additionally, it provides a greater reach and accuracy when inspecting transmission lines by taking pictures or videos for subsequent analysis, and reducing the inspection time, thus optimizing the number of man-hours for the works. On the other hand, there are failures that cannot be detected with the naked eye due to the position of the component (insulators, hardware, wires, gantries, etc.), but now we have a greater field of vision with the use of drones.