More than a program, a culture

Recently, Statkraft Peru received the ABE Award for the best Work Flexibility program, but what does it mean? In simple terms, it means that we respect something that people hold in great regard: their time, by letting workers value and fully enjoy their professional and personal lives.

In this sense, employees are granted leave for getting married, moving or the passing of a next-of-kin, home office and leave for mild sickness.  They can also make use of flexible working hours to reduce traffic-related stress. On the other hand, mothers have a special leave in addition to the leave required by law.  When returning to work, they can leave every Friday at noon, until the baby is one year old. Additionally, fathers have an additional leave of XX days to be with the mother during the first days after giving birth.

“For us it is not a program, but a culture. By respecting the quality of life of our employees, they become more aware of the value of their time and reach a personal-work balance that translates into commitment and productivity,” remarked Juan Antonio Rozas, Country Manager of Statkraft Peru.

To know more about these benefits, watch this entertaining video: