Example of efficiency and innovation

The Operations and Maintenance team had a major challenge ahead of them this year: the overhaul of the Cahua HPP transmission lines in order to improve the reliability of the power system in the north region. These transmission lines are located in Paramonga, to the north of Lima, where the weather conditions are complicated due to the corrosion and saltpeter that damage the assets. In view of this situation, the team performed a condition-based analysis and decided to replace 240 km of wires and 11 transmission towers in the line that runs from the Cahua Hydropower Plant to the Paramonga Existente Substation.

The works in this project had to be performed at 30 m in height, with energized circuits, and under strict safety controls.  Drones were used to supervise the works in an efficient and innovative manner. In order to replace the towers in a safe manner, a bypass was installed on the transmission line so as not to cut power supply.  Additionally, this project had the support from a multi-disciplinary team (Transmission, Operations, Safety and Health, Community Relations and Legal areas) that worked to keep good relations with villagers and landowners in the project’s areas of influence.

“It was a challenging task given the scope of the works. We performed high-risk works, with energized circuits and at height. The crew started working at 7:00 a.m., and sometimes with 30 degrees. I have to commend the commitment of everyone involved, and with this experience we have raised the safety standard, and personnel have acquired new safety supervision skills,” remarked with enthusiasm Martin Sarmiento, Head of Transmission Maintenance.

We rose to the challenge and were rewarded with big results.