Management efficiency

  • Safer and more efficient supervision with drones

    Technology helps us work in a safer way. As proof of this, the Operations Management of Statkraft Peru has developed an innovative and efficient way to optimize the reliability and availability of the power supply with the supervision of activities with the use of drones, which record and take pictures of transmission towers and substations to check the condition of the structure, verify the condition of the access road to these structures, and supervise the maintenance works performed at height. This activity has started to be implemented in the transmission line in Cahua, which connects our Cahua hydropower plant to the Paramonga Existente substation.

  • More than a program, a culture

    Recently, Statkraft Peru received the ABE Award for the best Work Flexibility program, but what does it mean? In simple terms, it means that we respect something that people hold in great regard: their time, by letting workers value and fully enjoy their professional and personal lives.

  • Example of efficiency and innovation

    The Operations and Maintenance team had a major challenge ahead of them this year: the overhaul of the Cahua HPP transmission lines in order to improve the reliability of the power system in the north region. These transmission lines are located in Paramonga, to the north of Lima, where the weather conditions are complicated due to the corrosion and saltpeter that damage the assets. In view of this situation, the team performed a condition-based analysis and decided to replace 240 km of wires and 11 transmission towers in the line that runs from the Cahua Hydropower Plant to the Paramonga Existente Substation.

  • Valuable technology

    The Cheves Hydropower Plant optimizes water usage by managing the information obtained from the Huaura river basin, specifically in three gauging stations using the Hydras 3 software.