What I like the most about working in Statkraft is the freedom I have to be myself and be able to put forward new ideas

Giuliana has lived important moments in the company. She was here for the consolidation of SN Power, the change of the brand to Statkraft Peru, the 120 year anniversary of Statkraft and the opening of the Cheves Hydropower Plant, the first project built by Statkraft Peru.

About Giuliana

  • Position: Senior Executive Assistant
  • Hobbies: Traveling

She joined the company in 2010 as a receptionist and since then her attitude, proactive demeanor, communication and organization skills, and her good disposition to provide support and to see to every detail, helped her to keep growing in the company.

At present Giuliana works as a Senior Executive Assistant to the Country Manager of Statkraft Peru, and is a valued member for the management and organization in the company.

To know more about Giuliana's career path in Statkraft Peru, watch the video.