Being involved in different stages of the generation process has being a constant learning experience

Julio joined the company in 2007 as a mega trainee for the Operations Management. Since then he has made rotations in several areas and has grown with each project he has been involved in.

About Julio

  • Age: 34
  • Profession: Mechanical Engineer
  • Hobbies: Soccer

His first assignment was the implementation of Jobtech and RCM analysis in Arcata HPP, and then he was involved in several stages of the generation process, which provided him with a clear picture on the operation of hydropower plants. One of his assignments was to be part of the Cheves Handover team to commission the plant units.

Thanks to his experience and willingness to continue learning and taking on new challenges, Julio is now Supervisor of Hydropower Plants, a position where he will continue to grow and apply the good practices put in place by the Operations Management and the head office.


To know more about Julio’s development in Statkraft Peru, watch the video.