Statkraft Peru enters into a cooperation agreement with the National Water Authority

15.06.2016 07.00 | pressrelease

Within the context of the inauguration of the Level III Water Monitoring Room of ALA-Huaura, Statkraft Peru and the National Water Authority (ANA) entered into a new agreement for water resource management on June 10. Both parties agreed to cooperate through the exchange and systematization of water-related data to benefit irrigation users in the Huaura river basin.

Exchanging data is made possible by means of a specialized software procured by Statkraft Peru. With this tool, the flow information generated by the gauging station network managed by Statkraft Peru in the Huaura river basin is received almost in real time. 16 irrigation committees from the Huaura Irrigation User Board are the beneficiaries of this project, with the irrigation of a total of 33,000 hectares of crops, facilitating the making of decisions for the distribution of water for agricultural purposes.

The Governor for the Lima Region, Nelson Chui; the Head of ANA, Juan Carlos Sevilla, and other authorities and representatives of private companies were in attendance at this event. Juan Carlos Sevilla commented that the purpose of this agreement is to make it easier for the parties concerned - such as the President of the Irrigation User Board, the mine and the hydropower plant - to make efficient decisions and to manage water resources in an integrated manner.

Since the beginning of operations of the Cheves Hydropower Plant in 2015, the work has been conducted in a coordinated manner between Statkraft Peru, ALA-Huaura and the Huaura Irrigation User Board  This initiative stresses the importance of the joint efforts between the population, the Government and the private company for the development of the country and protection of our resources.

Statkraft Peru is part of the Statkraft Group, a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe's largest generator of renewable energy. In Peru, the company has an effective capacity of more than 440 MW of 100% hydropower, equivalent to 5.5% of the total power production in the country. Additionally, the company holds a significant share in the transmission business in the central highlands of Peru and to the north of Lima, with the operation and maintenance of more than 920 km of transmission lines.