Statkraft and Agrorural lay the first stone for the Huancatama irrigation system improvement project in Paccho

23.12.2015 15.52 | pressrelease

Statkraft Peru, as part of its corporate responsibility plan and under the public fund leverage scheme, prepared the technical dossier and carried out the formalities for the financing of the “Huancatama irrigation system improvement project”. The technical dossier was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, who approved the project budget, and awarded the execution to AGRORURAL. The works were commenced on December 1 with the laying of the first stone.

The Huancatama channel was built in the ‘60s and some defects in its structure have been made evident with irrigation water leaks. This project will ensure a more effective use of water to irrigate 60 hectares of fruit crops, which will benefit around 130 families from the Muzga Community, in the district of Paccho, province of Huaura.  Mr. Reynaldo Romero, head of the Oyón-Huaura Agrorural office remarked that “the project will be very good for the Muzga community as their current channel is in a bad state of repair, and by improving this channel the water availability both in terms of quantity and quality will be improved to ensure production continuity.” On the other hand, Rupertino Hilario León, president of the Muzga community commented that “(...) producers will benefit from this new project, (...) the efforts made (by the community) together with Statkraft will help improve the production of the Muzga community.”

Representatives of Statkraft Peru, the company that operates the Cheves hydropower plant; representatives of Lima and Churin office of AGRORURAL; the Economic Development Manager of the Huaura province municipality, Mr. Riss García, and several other authorities and members of the Muzga community were in attendance at the first stone laying ceremony, and voiced their appreciation towards Statkraft Peru and their desire to continue working hand in hand with private companies.