132 beneficiaries with Statkraft projects

22.03.2016 15.45 | pressrelease

As part of its corporate responsibility plan in the area of influence of the Yaupi hydropower plant, Statkraft Peru planted 5,000 pines in El Milagro annexed village, and monitored 20,596 already planted pines at the Santa Isabel community, both located in the Paucartambo district, province of Pasco. On the other hand, in order to satisfy the business needs of the Llaupi community, located in the Ulcumayo district, province of Junin, Statkraft donated 1,040 laying hens as part of the project for the “Improvement of productive levels and trading of eggs from laying hens among local families.”

The pine planting project is aimed at promoting forest plantations of this species for agroforestry and timber production purposes. This project was started in 2013 with the planting of 20,596 pines, which at present are 3 m tall, and are monitored by the company and the villagers. In this second stage, villagers from El Milagro, in coordination with Statkraft personnel, planted 5,000 additional pines. This endeavor evidences the commitment of Statkraft and the villagers from Paucartambo with the sustainable care of the environment.

On the other hand, 1,040 laying hens were donated to the Llaupi community in benefit of 82 local families. This activity is the first of a series of actions undertaken by Statkraft focused on building capacity on laying hen breeding to promote egg trading. The mayor of the Llaupi community, Juan Orihuela, remarked that “this contribution will help to bring development to the village.”