120 beneficiary households with the new potable water and sewage system in the Llaupi Village - Ulcumayo District

21.07.2016 17.30 | pressrelease

Statkraft Peru, the Regional Government of Junín and the Llaupi Village laid the first stone of the potable water and sewage construction project, which will benefit more than 500 villagers from the Llaupi Village located in the Ulcumayo district, Junín province.

Statkraft has been assisting this project since 2012 with the preparation of the technical dossier and profile, which was furnished to the Regional Government of Junín. After reviewing these documents, the regional government decided to invest PEN 1,523,958 in its execution, which will be completed by December 2016 Additionally, catering and lodging services and local labor will be engaged during the execution of the project.

With this project, the incidence of stomach, parasitic and skin diseases, which result from lack of water and sewage, is expected to be reduced.

This work is directly aligned to one of the Millennium Development Goals fostered by the United Nations: “sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation,” which is a priority for the Peruvian Government. Ángel Unchupaico, representative of the Junín Regional Government , remarked that “…when there is investment, there is peace of mind… I leave my position happy because the company is helping our people… and if the people is grateful towards the company is because it is providing support…” The regional government committed to supervise the works and make this project a reality.

On the other hand, Marcial Medina, head of corporate responsibility in Statkraft Peru, stressed the importance of the joint efforts by the company, community and Government to execute large-scale projects: “Today is a special day because a community dream comes true... this shows that joint efforts among the government, company and community can yield good results...” The mayor of the Llaupi village, Mr. Juan Orihuela, was also in attendance and congratulated Statkraft for providing support for the preparation of the profile and dossier for the execution of the project after more than 4 years of formalities. In addition to the above mentioned authorities, this important event was attended by: Paúl Cóndor, Major of Ulcumayo, Percy Chagua, Major of the Junín Province Municipality, and other authorities from the Junín Region.