Statkraft and the Cajatambo Local Education Management Unit (UGEL) work hand in hand to improve education

02.10.2015 16.56 | pressrelease

Statkraft, in coordination with UGEL No. 11 of Cajatambo, held the “Capacity Building, Refresher Course and Training Workshop for Teachers,” which was attended by more than 292 teachers from 5 districts of the province of Cajatambo in the Lima region. Such training was imparted as part of the educational project that power generation company Statkraft, operator of the Cahua hydropower plant, has been executing since 2013.

The workshop was conducted in two stages, the first from September 02 to 05, and the second from September 30 to October 02, 2016 in the province of Cajatambo.

During the nearly 3 years of the project, Statkraft, joined efforts with Cajatambo UGEL and have managed to significantly improve the math and reading comprehension techniques, which is made evident in the Student Census Evaluation (ECE) for the 2nd grade conducted by the Ministry of Education every year.  In light of these achievements, the specialist from the Cajatambo UGEL remarked that “we are very grateful with the company for its contribution to education and also with UGEL for their endeavors.”

The teachers who receive training are promoters from PRONOEI; kindergarten, elementary and secondary teachers; teachers from EBAs, EBEs and CETPROs in the province of Cajatambo, areas in the vicinity of the Cahua hydropower plant owned by Statkraft Peru.

The project closing held on October 2 was attended by the representative of UGEL No.11 of Cajatambo, specialist Carlos Jimenez, Mr. Alfonso Guerra Calderón, president of the Cahua community, and Mrs. Drucila Pacheco Torentino, principal of the Cahua Educational Institution, who expressed their gratitude and desire to continue the alliance with Statkraft.