49 women beneficiaries for artisanal weaving project in La Victoria and Santa Isabel communities

30.11.2015 22.01 | pressrelease

Statkraft, as part of its corporate responsibility plan, attended the closing of the technical and productive artisanal weaving training project that was implemented in La Victoria and Santa Isabel communities. This project benefited 49 women from these communities.

During the training period, participants received practical and technical assistance from specialists in the manufacturing of garments with high quality standards aimed at their trading in the national and international markets. This year, the work was carried out non-stop for 8 months to produce 591 garments (including ponchos, sweaters and gloves), which resulted in important revenues for all families involved.   In view of this achievement, Efraín Guerra Ventocilla, Mayor of La Victoria Community, pointed out that “the project has been of great relevance, and the work has been carried out hand in hand with the population, the authorities and the company (...). We are now exporting these products woven by Victorian hands.”  Edith Atahuamán, a villager from the Santa Isabel Community who took part in the project, remarked, “For us this project has been excellent because we had much to learn (...), we already knew how to weave, but not with the finishing (we have learned here). We are very grateful with the company for their support and for helping us to get better at what we do.”

It should be noted that this is the second year that this training is imparted in La Victoria, and the first to incorporate the Santa Isabel Community. Both communities are within the area of influence of the Yaupi Hydropower Plant, which is operated by Statkraft Peru.

At the closing held on November 26 and 27, some of the woven garments were exhibited to attending authorities, who voiced their appreciation towards Statkraft Peru and their desire to continue working hand in hand with the private sector.