160 beneficiary families as a result of the improvement of the Paccho irrigation channel

23.12.2015 15.54 | pressrelease

As part of its corporate responsibility plan, Statkraft Peru, in alliance with the Muzga community and the District Municipality of Paccho, inaugurated the Huaylamaqui irrigation channel, which includes a 5.5 km pipeline for irrigation of fruit crops.

The structure of the makeshift Huaylamaqui channel evidenced several weak spots, which resulted in water loss along the channel. In light of this situation, a new pipeline was installed at the community to improve the water conveyance efficiency without seepages along the way, which will translate into more water availability for agricultural purposes. Copertino Hilario León, president of the Muzga community remarked that “the work performed by the company with the community can take us very far.”

The president of the water committee of the Huaylamaqui upper intake, Jhon Nieves, was also in attendance at the inauguration held on December 22, and voiced his gratitude towards Statkraft Peru and the work carried out in the area of influence of the Cheves hydropower plant.