09.12.2015 | news

  • Statkraft CEO honoured with sustainability award

    17.05.2019 news

    Statkraft CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen was honoured for his commitment to the climate challenge at the Responsible Leaders Summit in New York City.

  • Statkraft Peru recorded an increase of revenues of more than 20% in 2016

    08.05.2017 18.55 pressrelease

    Statkraft Peru closed 2016 with an invoicing amounting to USD 136 million, which represents a 24% increase compared to 2015.

  • SNMPE and MINTRA ackowledge good practices in Statkraft

    10.11.2016 news

    Statkraft Peru received the “2016 Sustainable Development Award” in the Local Development Management category, promoted by the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (SNMPE), and the “2016 Good Labor Practices Award” from the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MINTRA) in the Promotion of work-family balance category.

  • 2015 Annual Report

    26.10.2016 news

    We present the Annual Report and the Financial Statements of Statkraft Perú S.A. corresponding to the year ended December 31, 2015. In 2015, the operations of Statkraft Perú S.A. have benefited from the investments made to increase the capacity of its assets and the start-up of the Cheves hydropower plant, which was inaugurated in September, in the presence of governmental and local authorities, company’s representatives and local villagers.

  • Statkraft’s educational project benefited 180 students from Pachachaca and Santa Isabel

    02.10.2016 17.40 pressrelease

    Statkraft Peru, as part of its corporate responsibility program in the communities within the area of direct influence of its operations, handed out school supplies and gear for the Virgen María school located in the San Miguel de Pachachaca community, in the Junín region, and to the César Vallejo school located in the Santa Isabel village, in the Pasco region.

  • Statkraft: more efficient and cost-effective companies thanks to compliance programs

    29.09.2016 news

    Maja De Vibe, Head of Corporate Compliance in Statkraft, explained in different forums the value and the opportunities of having good anti-corruption controls in businesses.

  • Statkraft was presented with the ABE 2016 award in the labor flexibility category

    19.09.2016 17.29 pressrelease

    Statkraft was presented with the ABE 2016 award in the labor flexibility category. The power generation and transmission company received this award from the Good Employers’ Association for implementing different time benefits that promote quality of life among employees.

  • Statkraft Peru recorded almost 50% growth in the first half of 2016

    09.09.2016 17.30 pressrelease

    Statkraft Peru invoiced USD 85 million during the first half of 2016, which represents an increase of more than 47% compared to the same period in 2015. The company, responsible for the operation of nine hydropower plants and more than 920 km of transmission lines in the country.

  • 120 beneficiary households with the new potable water and sewage system in the Llaupi Village - Ulcumayo District

    21.07.2016 17.30 pressrelease

    Statkraft Peru, the Regional Government of Junín and the Llaupi Village laid the first stone of the potable water and sewage construction project, which will benefit more than 500 villagers from the Llaupi Village located in the Ulcumayo district, Junín province.

  • Statkraft Peru enters into a cooperation agreement with the National Water Authority

    15.06.2016 07.00 pressrelease

    Within the context of the inauguration of the Level III Water Monitoring Room of ALA-Huaura, Statkraft Peru and the National Water Authority (ANA) entered into a new agreement for water resource management on June 10. Both parties agreed to cooperate through the exchange and systematization of water-related data to benefit irrigation users in the Huaura river basin.