Ethics and anti-corruption

Statkraft has a zero tolerance policy as regards corruption and we work actively to combat all forms of corruption in both the public and private sectors. Statkraft can contribute to fight corruption in affected markets through systematic and responsible business conduct.

Responsible business conduct

Corruption exists, to varying degrees, in all countries and markets. It is especially important for Statkraft to continuously assess corruption levels in the countries where we have or are planning activities, and in those countries where our business partners, such as suppliers and contractual partners, do business. All cultures have limits which, when exceeded, make an action corrupt and unacceptable.

Our principles for good business ethics are expressed in Statkraft’s Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have both for Statkraft’s employees and our business partners.

Statkraft’s Code of Conduct covers all our core activities in connection with business ethics. The objective is to apply ethics and integrity principles in practical issues faced by our employees and partners. Clear guidelines, realistic training and practice will enable our employees and business partners to make sound ethical decisions.

We want to make sure that genuine concerns are taken seriously. Therefore, we have whistleblower procedures in place which function as safety valves to ensure that everyone, whether in or outside of Statkraft, who reports unethical actions is heard.


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