Market Operations

Statkraft is a major player in the international markets where energy and energy-related products are bought and sold. Energy market prices tend to fluctuate and can be affected by many different factors. Our job is to know exactly when to buy or sell a product, and we analyse enormous amounts of data to understand the market mechanisms.

We work for a wide range of clients; from small producers selling energy from own power plants, to major industrial companies looking for large and steady supplies of energy, to power distributors looking for vendors.

In Peru, Statkraft generates and trades energy with free and regulated clients.  Statkraft also takes part in the short-term market operated by COES – SINAC, where generation companies bridges the differences between the supply of energy from the power plants and the withdrawals to fulfil the contractual commitments at short-term marginal costs.  Additionally, the company earns transmission revenues from the secondary transmission networks it owns.