Yaupi Hydropower Plant

The Yaupi hydropower plant is the second plant with the largest power generation in Statkraft Peru. It is located at elevation 1,328 masl, in the Llaupi village, and takes in part of the water from the Paucartambo river.


The plant takes in the water turbined by the Yuncán hydropower plant, owned by company Enersur, upstream of Yaupi.  The water is then conveyed to the valve chamber of the Yaupi hydropower plant.  In this way the five generation units located in the Powerhouse are supplied water.  The Yuncán intake and the reservoirs for daily regulation are located in the Pasco region.

Corporate Responsibility

Statkraft Peru and villagers and local institutions implemented a project for improving coffee cultivation competences, which resulted in the insertion of farmers into the trading chain.  Initiatives have also been implemented for the improvement of agricultural, forestation and educational competence supporting activities.  Additionally, environmental controls are in place as part of the environmental monitoring program and solid waste integral management.

Facts and figures

  • Location: district of Ulcumayo, province of Junín, Junín region
  • Water source: Paucartambo river basin
  • Installed capacity: 108.00 MW
  • Effective capacity: 113.68 MW
  • Type: hydropower
  • Annual output: 793 GWh
  • Net head: 527 m
  • Design flow: 26.6 m3/S
  • Equipment: Powerhouse, 5 generation units, horizontal shaft Pelton turbines with two nozzles
  • Construction: completed in 1957
  • Operation: since 1957