Pariac Hydropower Plant

Pariac is located in the province of Huaraz, on the left bank of the Pariac river, at 3,337 masl. It is composed of 3 plants that supply electricity to the main grid.


Pariac is composed of three plants with an effective capacity of 4.9 MW.  These plants take in the water from the Pariac river, and are arranged in a cascade setup.  The capacities of the plants are as follows: HHP2 (0.4 MW), HPP3 (0.8 MW) and HPP4 (3 MW).  Pariac was acquired by SN Power Peru in November 2003 as part of the Cahua/Energía Pacasmayo acquisition.

Corporate Responsibility

With the communities within the influence area, Statkraft has implemented sustainable development projects aimed at adequately improving the quality of life of local villagers.  These technical projects include the improvement of guinea pig (cuy) breeding, improvement of agricultural productivity and technical support in potable water and sewage projects, in addition to capacity building through knitting, cooking and pastry, electricity and welding workshops and public management courses.

Facts and figures

  • Location: district of Huaraz, province of Huaraz, Ancash region
  • Water source: Pariac river basin (tributary of the Santa river)
  • Installed capacity: 5.1
  • Effective capacity: 4.95
  • Type: hydropower
  • Annual output: 30 GWh
  • Net head: HPP2 - 66 m, HPP3 - 76 m and HPP4 -164 m
  • Design flow: 2.2 m3/s, HPP2, HPP3 and HPP4
  • Equipment: horizontal shaft Francis turbines for HPP2 and HPP3; horizontal shaft, Turgo turbines for HPP4
  • Construction: HPP3 completed in 1965, HPP4 in 1983 and HPP2 in 1998
  • Operation: since April 1998