Pachachaca Hydropower Plant

The Pachachaca Hydropower Plant is located at 4,031 masl in the district of Yauli, in the department of Junín.

The Plant

Pachachaca, together with La Oroya and Malpaso hydropower plants, was initially constructed to supply the demand arising out of the mining activities of Cerro de Pasco Copper Corporation under the Department of Electricty and Telecommunications (DET).  In 2001, the DET assets were sold to company Electroandes, a company that was privatized and acquired by PSEG Global in the same year, and operated the plant until 2007.  By the end of that year, SN Power Peru acquired the assets of La Oroya HPP.  Finally, in 2014, Statkraft, main shareholder of SN Power Peru, took over its assets and operation.


The water used by the Pachachaca plant come from the Pomacocha reservoir, which stores water in the flood season and is maintained throughout the year with the runoff from the upper areas such as Huallacocha Alta and the lakes in Huallacocha Baja.  The water is subsequently channeled to the Taza Nueva reservoir.  On the other hand, the water from the Taza Vieja reservoir is conveyed via a pipe to the powerhouse, which also receives the water from the other two reservoirs to generate power by means of 3 generation units.

Corporate Responsibility

Statkraft Peru has been conducting corporate responsibility programs regarding the building of capacities and educational competences in the schools within the area of influence of the hydropower plant.  Additionally, environmental controls are in place as part of the environmental monitoring program and solid waste integral management.

Facts and figures

  • Location: district of Yauli, province of Yauli, Junín region
  • Water source: Pomacocha reservoir
  • Installed capacity: 9.00 MW
  • Effective capacity: 9.65 MW
  • Type: hydropower
  • Annual output: 49 GWh
  • Net head: 242 m
  • Design flow: 6 m3/s
  • Equipment: powerhouse, 3 generation units, 2 horizontal shaft Pelton turbines per unit
  • Construction: completed in 1917
  • Operation: 1917