Cheves Hydropower Plant

The Cheves Hydropower Plant is the first project built from the ground up by Statkraft Peru. The plant is located in the Huaura river basin, between the provinces of Huaura and Oyón, in the highlands of Lima.


Cheves is a run-of-river hydropower plant that produces energy by turbining the water of the Huaura and Checras rivers.  The Huaura intake takes in part of the water from the Huaura river, and then conveys it to the Checras Dam, where it is stored together with the Checras river water before being diverted into the Headrace Tunnel.  This tunnel then conveys the water to the Powerhouse.  Finally, the Picunche Compensation Reservoir, which regulates the water downstream of the Powerhouse, naturally discharges the water back into the river.  The generated energy is transmitted via a 220 Kv transmission line up to the Huacho Substation.

Corporate Responsibility

Statkraft Peru implements projects focused on capacity building, productive development and educational assistance.  During construction of Cheves, 3015 villagers from rural communities and villages within the area of influence were the beneficiaries of these projects.  Authorities, leaders and local families, seeking to improve their quality of life, were involved in these projects.

Facts and figures

Location: Between the provinces of Huaura and Oyón, Lima region
Water source: Huaura and Checras river basins
Installed capacity: 174.2 MW
Effective capacity: 176.345 MW  
Type: Hydropower
Annual output: 837 GWh
Net head: 597 m
Design flow: 33 m3/S
Equipment: Vertical shaft Pelton turbines, powerhouse, 2 generation units
Construction: Completed in 2015
Operation: Since 2015