Arcata Hydropower Plants

Arcata is located in the department of Arequipa, 230 km to the south of the city that bears the same name. The Arcata production center is composed of four hydropower plants located at elevation 4,000 masl.

The Plants

The hydropower plants composing the Arcata production center were built to supply energy to the Caylloma and Misapuquio mine sites of mining company Hoschild.  In 2000, the company sold its power generation assets, which were purchased by Cahua S.A. in 2001.  Cahua was acquired by SN Power Peru in 2003.  Finally, in 2014, Statkraft, main shareholder of SN Power Peru, took over its assets and operation, and the plant became property of Statkraft Peru.


The facilities of the Arcata production center include four hydropower plants: Misapuquio (3.68 MW), San Antonio (0.62 MW), San Ignacio (0.52 MW) and Huayllacho (0.29 MW), the latter three plants operating in cascade.

Corporate Responsibility

Statkraft Peru has a coexistence program in place in the area of direct influence in Arcata, which includes permanent engagement of local communities.  This program has been in place since the beginning of operations.  Additionally, environmental controls are in place as part of the environmental monitoring program and solid waste integral management.

Facts and figures

  • Location: districts of Caylloma (San Ignacio, Huayllacho, San Antonio HPPs),Cayarani (Misapuquio HPP), provinces of Caylloma and Condesuyos, Arequipa region.
  • Water source: San Ignacio, Huayllacho, San Antonio –Hornillos river basin and Vilafro lake, Misapuquio - Huisca Huisca and Arcata basin.
  • Installed capacity: 5.2 MW (San Ignacio - 0.52 MW, Huayllacho - 0.29 MW, San Antonio - 0.62 MW, Misapuquio - 3.68 MW).
  • Effective capacity: 5.05 MW (San Ignacio - 0.422 MW Huayllacho - 0.186 MW, San Antonio - 0.58 MW, Misapuquio - 3.87 MW).
  • Type: hydropower
  • Annual output: 33 GWh
  • Net head: San Ignacio - 25 m, Huayllacho - 262 m, San Antonio - 27.5 m, Misapuquio - 224 m Design flow: San Ignacio - 2.50 m/3, Huayllacho: 0.15 m3/s, San Antonio: 2.92m3/s, Misapuquio: 2.00 m3/s.
  • Equipment: San Ignacio HPP and San Antonio HPP: horizontal shaft Francis turbine, Huayllacho HPP: horizontal shaft Pelton turbine, and Misapuquio HPP: two horizontal Pelton turbines.
  • Construction: San Ignacio - 1935, Huayllacho - 1937, San Antonio - 1957, Misapuquio – 1983.
  • Operation: Commercial operations were started in November 1997 as members of COES.