Our Operations

Cheves Hydropower Plant

The Cheves Hydropower Plant is the first project built from the ground up by Statkraft Peru. The plant is located in the Huaura river basin, between the provinces of Huaura and Oyón, in the highlands of Lima.

Arcata Hydropower Plants

Arcata is located in the department of Arequipa, 230 km to the south of the city that bears the same name. The Arcata production center is composed of four hydropower plants located at elevation 4,000 masl.

Cahua Hydropower Plant

Cahua is located 260 km to the north of the city of Lima, and 60 km from the highlands, on the left bank of the Pativilca river (upstream view), at an elevation of 880 masl.

Gallito Ciego Hydropower…

Gallito Ciego is located 252 km to the north of the Cajamarca city and region. The plant islocated at the foot of the Gallito Ciego dam, which is mainly used for irrigation activities in the agricultural area of the Jequetepeque valley.…

Malpaso Hydropower Plant

The Malpaso hydropower plant is located in the district of Paccha, department of Junin, at 3,870 masl.

La Oroya Hydropower Plant

The hydropower plant is located in the department of Junín, district of La Oroya, at 3,694 masl. It is the oldest plant operated by Statkraft Peru (as of 2014, it has been in operation for 100 years).

Pachachaca Hydropower Plant

The Pachachaca Hydropower Plant is located at 4,031 masl in the district of Yauli, in the department of Junín

Yaupi Hydropower Plant

The Yaupi hydropower plant is the second plant with the largest power generation in Statkraft Peru. It is located at elevation 1,328 masl, in the Llaupi village, and takes in part of the water from the Paucartambo river.

Pariac Hydropower Plant

Pariac is located in the province of Huaraz, on the left bank of the Pariac river, at 3,337 masl. It is composed of 3 plants that supply electricity to the main grid.