History of Statkraft in Peru

  • In 1995, company Electroperú establishes Cahua S.A. Subsequently, SIPESA purchases 60% of the equity interest.
  • In 1996, Centromin Perú establishes Electroantes S.A.  In 1997, company Cahua S.A. acquires the Pariac Hydropower Plant.
  • In 2000, JV Vattenfall/ Skansa purchases 30% of Cahua S.A, and then 60% de Cahua S.A from SIPESA. The same year, Nordic Power Invest del Perú acquires CNPE & Arcata Energía.
  • In 2001, NRG acquires Cahua, CNPE & Arcata Energía.  On the other hand, company PSEG acquires Electroandes S.A, and finally CNPE & Arcata Energía are merged into Energía Pacasmayo (EP).
  • In 2003, SN Power Peru starts operations with the acquisition of company Cahua, which operates the Cahua Hydropower Plant and company Energía Pacasmayo. With this acquisition, SN Power Peru starts operating the Cahua, Gallito Ciego, Pariac and Arcata Hydropower Plants. Subsequently, SN Power Peru decided not to continue with Energia Pacasmayo due to profitability considerations and because it wanted to invest and focus on the hydropower generation business.
  • In 2007, SN Power Peru acquires Electroandes and takes control of La Oroya, Malpaso, Pachachaca and Yaupi hydropower plants.  Subsequently, in January 2010, Electroandes S.A. absorbs Cahua S.A., with all its rights and obligations.  In March 2010, Electroandes S.A. changes its corporate name to SN Power Perú S.A.
  • In 2014, the main shareholder of SN Power Peru, Statkraft – Norwegian state company – purchases an additional 7% of the shares from Norfund, thus increasing its equity interest to 67%. SN Power Peru then changes its name to Statkraft Peru this year.
  • In 2015, Statkraft Peru starts the operation of the first hydropower plant built from the ground up by the company in Peru, Cheves.