The glaciers’ inner energy

Ilustration of how to produce hyropower from glaciers

Did you know glaciers are a natural source of renewable energy? Around the world, several hydropower plants benefit from the glaciers’ water storage and seasonal water flow.

Whether sourced from a glacial lake or any other mountain lake, the principle behind hydropower is simple: It uses the energy of flowing water.

The melting water is directed through tunnels into underground plants which have an outlet direct into a fjord or into a river system where several smaller power plants optimize the use of the water and allow keeping other rivers untouched.

Glaciers and climate change

Glaciers and climate change

Glaciers are sensitive to climate change and global warming may cause them to retreat. Still, while warmer temperatures may reduce high plateau ice caps, some coastal glaciers may actually grow as a result of more rainfall.

In the context of meeting the effects of climate change, hydropower with storage capacity will even be more useful. Water reservoirs will be important to mitigate floods and droughts while generating clean, renewable and affordable energy.