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  • 132 beneficiaries with Statkraft projects

    22.03.2016 15:45 pressrelease

    As part of its corporate responsibility plan in the area of influence of the Yaupi hydropower plant, Statkraft Peru planted 5,000 pines in El Milagro annexed village, and monitored 20,596 already planted pines at the Santa Isabel community, both located in the Paucartambo district, province of Pasco. On the other hand, in order to satisfy the business needs of the Llaupi community, located in the Ulcumayo district, province of Junin, Statkraft donated 1,040 laying hens as part of the project for the “Improvement of productive levels and trading of eggs from laying hens among local families.”

  • The “5th Mango Fair - Cahua 2016” a resounding success

    23.02.2016 15:49 pressrelease

    On February 20, the Agricultural, Livestock and Industrial Producers’ Association (ASPAIN) of the Cahua Community, held the “5th Mango Fair - Cahua 2016.” The fair, sponsored by Statkraft Peru, aims at promoting the different fruits produced locally, such as mango and avocado, and generating economic revenues for villagers with the sale of their produce. This year prizes were awarded to the biggest Cahuan mango, the best fair stand, the best mango commercial exhibition, the best fruit by-product, etc.

  • 160 beneficiary families as a result of the improvement of the Paccho irrigation channel

    23.12.2015 15:54 pressrelease

    As part of its corporate responsibility plan, Statkraft Peru, in alliance with the Muzga community and the District Municipality of Paccho, inaugurated the Huaylamaqui irrigation channel, which includes a 5.5 km pipeline for irrigation of fruit crops.

  • Statkraft and Agrorural lay the first stone for the Huancatama irrigation system improvement project in Paccho

    02.12.2015 15:52 pressrelease

    Statkraft Peru, as part of its corporate responsibility plan and under the public fund leverage scheme, prepared the technical dossier and carried out the formalities for the financing of the “Huancatama irrigation system improvement project”. The technical dossier was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, who approved the project budget, and awarded the execution to AGRORURAL. The works were commenced on December 1 with the laying of the first stone.

  • 49 women beneficiaries for artisanal weaving project in La Victoria and Santa Isabel communities

    30.11.2015 22:01 pressrelease

    Statkraft, as part of its corporate responsibility plan, attended the closing of the technical and productive artisanal weaving training project that was implemented in La Victoria and Santa Isabel communities. This project benefited 49 women from these communities.

  • Statkraft and the Cajatambo Local Education Management Unit (UGEL) work hand in hand to improve education

    02.10.2015 16:56 pressrelease

    Statkraft, in coordination with UGEL No. 11 of Cajatambo, held the “Capacity Building, Refresher Course and Training Workshop for Teachers,” which was attended by more than 292 teachers from 5 districts of the province of Cajatambo in the Lima region. Such training was imparted as part of the educational project that power generation company Statkraft, operator of the Cahua hydropower plant, has been executing since 2013.

  • Statkraft inaugurates the Cheves Hydropower Plant

    16.09.2015 22:08 pressrelease

    With an investment of more than USD 630 million, the Cheves Hydropower Plant was officially inaugurated. The plant is operated by Statkraft Peru, a subsidiary of the Statkraft Group, a Norwegian leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy.

  • Statkraft celebrates 120 years of global operations

    11.08.2015 22:10 pressrelease

    Statkraft, a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, celebrated 120 years of global operations. In view of this occasion, an exclusive cocktail reception was held, and its main officers and strategic partners in the country were invited.

  • SN Power Peru is now Statkraft Peru

    20.03.2014 21:12 pressrelease

    At the end of 2013, Statkraft and Norfund signed a final agreement to restructure and prolong their cooperation within renewable energy. The rationale for investing in emerging markets is the attractiveness of these markets due to expected long-term economic growth, increased need for environmentally-friendly energy and the potential for hydropower development.